Friday, September 01, 2006

Ken Newell makes the Independent 'Good List'

Ken Newell, former Presbyterian Moderator, appears on the Independent's 'Good List'. Paul Vallely, executive editor of the Independent said: "Unlike a rich list, which has the objective yardstick of being able to measure or estimate pounds in the bank, a good list depends upon judgements of merit."

A much more enviable position than a mention on the Rich List I'd say.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

McLaughlin snubbed with rejection of Economic Development report?

Despite the fuss last week about the imminent report of the Economic Development sub-Committee, the report was buried today by the main Committee, or more precisely, Sinn Fein. This is despite the fact that The Party's two members on the sub-Committee (including Mitchel McLaughlin, the Party's spokesperson on such things) had already agreed to its contents.

The reason that party bosses have demanded that it be held up before being debated by the main committee? They want more detail on the scale and nature of the Government's 'peace dividend' handout! The future of entrepreneurship is in good hands.

Perhaps even more depressing is the fact that this report - one of the few things many people actually gave a damn about - was shelved today and barely a word was raised in anger. NORTH REPORT would like to say that McLaughlin was 'red faced' on the issue or even 'tight lipped', but unfortunately it appears that no one has even asked him...

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Caution for crossing

In a bizarre incident, Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc has been cautioned by Strathclyde Police after blessing himself during a match in February.

The Church has called it 'worrying and alarming' and but
The Crown Office in Scotland said Boruc's behaviour had taken place before a crowd in the charged atmosphere of a match between Celtic and rivals Rangers and therefore constituted a breach of the peace.

Various incidents spring to mind over the years where much more serious gestures were made at events, but went without notice by the police.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Repeating Sinn Fein spin doesn't make it true

On his popular blog Balrog, Chris Gaskin expresses some of what I assume must be widespread Provisional frustration with the outrage over Sinn Fein hijacking Antrim GAA and Casement Park. He says, "no matter what anyone may say this was not a party political rally".

Now I'm always open to a good debate and have changed my mind on many issues over the years in response to decent arguments. "No matter what anyone may say" is not such an argument.

Let's look again at the advertised speakers - Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein President), Mary Lou McDonald (Sinn Fein MEP and would be TD) & Toireasa Ní Fhearaíosa (SF Mayor of Kerry).

The provisional movement was never famed for setting the evidential burden very high - how can they tell us (or their supporters in Balrog's case) that it wasn't a SF event and keep a straight face?

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The First Sane Voice on the Raytheon Farce

Writing in this morning's Irish News, columnist Brendan Mulgrew takes an amusing swipe at the gang of hooligans, led by aging revolutionary Citizen McCann, who raided and vandalised the offices of Raytheon in Derry last week.

He writes: "I am not sure how the dynamics of international politics and international power plays finally converged over the weekend to produce a welcome ceasefire in the Lebanon but I would be prepared to bet that the occupation by the 'Derry Anti-War Coalition' of a software development plant had very little to do with it."

Clearly a man after Urquhart's heart he goes on, "In fact, aside from the further advancement of a Ben Elton style of right-on politics it is difficult to see what actually was achieved by Eamon McCann and his brothers in vandalism."

Not unrelated to a theme from last week's NORTH REPORT, he writes, "The people of the Lebanon and Israel will hardly take much comfort from the sight of a hard drive smashing to the ground as they run for cover from Israeli Defence Forces bombs on the one hand or Hezbollah rockets on the other. (I wonder had Raytheon been trading in defence systems with Syria / Hezbollah, would the protest have taken place?)

In a line that will hopefully draw some sort of response from McCann's Telegraph article he wonders, "it is a strange sort of socialism which seeks to lengthen unemployment queues by denying citizens their right to employment"

Let's hear it for Mulgrew.

Monday, August 14, 2006

And so it begins..

The DUP point out that the Provisionals have politicised sport by holding yesterday's rally in a GAA ground. Sad to see any anti GAA ammuntion given to Diane and her cronies. The offender? Step forward Geraldo et al.

Whats clear is that SF correctly calculated that Central Council's late decision wouldn't be able to stop the momentum which supported the protest being held in Casement. The GAA is probably the last nationalist organisation in the North which SF doesn't have signifcant control. Sadly, the Antrim GAA showed no signs of being able to spot the Shinners game. Watch this space.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

When going backwards is great

Probably doesn't have any place here, but I saw this and thought it was great. So I wanted to share it.


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Modern day ghetto?

Padua's solution, not typical of socialist administrations, sets a new standard for drug prevention. This may be more to do with Italy's problems with its minorities (extracommunitaria in Italian, literally 'outside society'), than any serious attempt to curb drug abuse. Unlike 1940's ghettos, people are free to come and go.

As an aside, Kenny is thiking of discarding his recently acquired liberal views on drugs following his witnessing of drug fuelled trouble maker at a famous Belfast watering hole during the week.

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