Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carruthers Red Faced in Let's Talk Gaffe

Chatting about a question on what Derry and Belfast International Airports should be named, presenter of the 'live' and 'unscripted' BBC Let's Talk programme Mark Carruthers let the cat out of the bag on how the show really works. Clearly disappointed with the answers he got from his panelists, Mark did a bit of ad libbing - "everyone in the office was trying to be creative with answers to this earlier" (or thereabouts).

His example of the team's creativity was to bring together the Eurovision and the world of NI airports with Dana International Airport. Strewth.


Anonymous truthhurts said...

was that your biggest problem with Let's Talk? As you would say, strewth!

i thought the hypocrisy on display from the DUP was quite breathtaking. But then again this blog doesn't seem to go in for criticising unionism much, only SF.

2:39 PM  

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