Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Irish Americans...

I'm no fan of Northern Ireland soccer, have never set foot in Windsor Park and have no plans to change that, but that doesn't stop me being ashamed of the clowns who protested at the arrival of the IFA at Chicago's Gaelic Park yesterday. Carrying black flags and wearing shirts telling the IFA they were not welcome, a spokesperson for these buffoons accused the IFA of being "a polarising political organisation".

No doubt their antics and success in reaching the front page of the Belfast Telegraph will do wonders for tackling the sectarianism they claimed to be protesting against.

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Anonymous truthhurts said...

Now if i never supported NI before (and i have been pretty ambivalent up to now) i sure do now! when will these people just fade away and leave the rest of s alone??

come on Norn Irn!!

8:44 PM  

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