Friday, May 26, 2006

A republic's immigration policy

Dermot Ahern makes the bizarre assertion in yesterday's Irish Times that while illegal immigrants from Ireland are 'entitled' to be in the US, their position cannot be compared with illegal immigrants in Ireland.

While our immigration system in Ireland is effective, I'd take issue with it being described as "second to none." The justification that becuase Irish immigrants in the US have "put down roots" they're somehow entitled have the right to stay in the US is ridiculous.

Also the Irish government has never persecuted its own citizens so we in Ireland would find it hard to justify the seeking of asylum anywhere in the world. The same cannot be said about the various Afghan (current and past) regimes. Afghans who require protection should be given it, those who do not should be returned.

This Republic does not permit immigration for economic purposes, except where we have a skills gap. To expect the Republic across the water to do differently is hypocritical. Illegal Irish have as much right to be in New York as illegal Afghans have to be in Dublin: none.

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Anonymous truthhurts said...

crazy talk. The Irish built America, everyone knows that! we run the police force, the political system.

America is the melting pot! the irish belong there as much as at hom.

are there 44million Irish / Afghans living in greater Dublin? No!

you are comparing apples with melons.

2:37 PM  

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