Monday, June 19, 2006

Autonomy to Catalonia

BBC carries news that 73.9% of those who cast their ballots in Sunday's referendum voted for enhanced regional independence. Turnout was however a rather lowly 49%.

Catalonia will now have enhanced control over tax, ports, airports and judicial matters and will have 'nation' status within Spain. No similar status exists for the Basque region, but the ETA ceasefire may bring it closer.

A crucial difference between Catalonia and the Basque country when compared to Northern Ireland is their disprorportionately large contribution to the Spanish economy, which in turn delivers siginficant levels of clout to those elected in each region.

Compare these to the empty and meaningless calls from our elected representatives to the Chancellor on his visit to Northern Ireland today, and the fact that their pleas will have been forgotten as soon as he jets back to London.

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