Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The First Sane Voice on the Raytheon Farce

Writing in this morning's Irish News, columnist Brendan Mulgrew takes an amusing swipe at the gang of hooligans, led by aging revolutionary Citizen McCann, who raided and vandalised the offices of Raytheon in Derry last week.

He writes: "I am not sure how the dynamics of international politics and international power plays finally converged over the weekend to produce a welcome ceasefire in the Lebanon but I would be prepared to bet that the occupation by the 'Derry Anti-War Coalition' of a software development plant had very little to do with it."

Clearly a man after Urquhart's heart he goes on, "In fact, aside from the further advancement of a Ben Elton style of right-on politics it is difficult to see what actually was achieved by Eamon McCann and his brothers in vandalism."

Not unrelated to a theme from last week's NORTH REPORT, he writes, "The people of the Lebanon and Israel will hardly take much comfort from the sight of a hard drive smashing to the ground as they run for cover from Israeli Defence Forces bombs on the one hand or Hezbollah rockets on the other. (I wonder had Raytheon been trading in defence systems with Syria / Hezbollah, would the protest have taken place?)

In a line that will hopefully draw some sort of response from McCann's Telegraph article he wonders, "it is a strange sort of socialism which seeks to lengthen unemployment queues by denying citizens their right to employment"

Let's hear it for Mulgrew.


Anonymous cblancos said...

Mulgrew is a great columnists, his suff always worth reading. I would call him NI's only enuine right wing commentator.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous FlapJack said...

cblancos - i'm not sure i'd give him that credit on the basis of one article. What about Newton Emerson? Hardly left wing?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous herzog said...

Emerson probably belongs to the "there is no right and left, only just and unjust" school of thought.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the same Brendan Mulgrew who said to you on 9 August on Slugger O'Toole 'Urquhart writes “Shame on the Antrim County Board”

god save us from such pious bullshit. just stop writing about topics you don’t know enough about.'?

5:03 PM  
Blogger urquhart said...

Is this the same Brendan Mulgrew who said to you on 9 August...? If BrendanBelfast is Brendan Mulgrew, I guess it is.

Your point?

7:47 PM  
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