Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Repeating Sinn Fein spin doesn't make it true

On his popular blog Balrog, Chris Gaskin expresses some of what I assume must be widespread Provisional frustration with the outrage over Sinn Fein hijacking Antrim GAA and Casement Park. He says, "no matter what anyone may say this was not a party political rally".

Now I'm always open to a good debate and have changed my mind on many issues over the years in response to decent arguments. "No matter what anyone may say" is not such an argument.

Let's look again at the advertised speakers - Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein President), Mary Lou McDonald (Sinn Fein MEP and would be TD) & Toireasa Ní Fhearaíosa (SF Mayor of Kerry).

The provisional movement was never famed for setting the evidential burden very high - how can they tell us (or their supporters in Balrog's case) that it wasn't a SF event and keep a straight face?

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Anonymous greenandproud said...

how about this for a scenario? the families of the hunger strikers want to commemorate their sacrifice and their role in building a new Ireland. Who should they ask to speak at their rally? The DUP? The UUP? Er, the SDLP? so leading SF figures are invited to what turned out to be an emotional and proud rally. that does not make it party political.

you guys on this site are too blinkered to see that their are positive roles top be played by everyone.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous herzog said...

isn't that the point greenandproud? the very fact that only SF were on stage made it a political event, and therefore shouldn't have been staged at casement.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous greenandproud said...

No. you are wrong. if Tony Blair is invited to speak at a benefit concert for Amnesty International, does that make the event a New Labour political rally?

SF polticans were on stage, because they support the hunge strikes and their families. But artists, family members, singers etc werealso on stage. this was not a SF event. check out who actually organised it!

3:02 PM  
Blogger your said...

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12:06 PM  
Blogger El Matador said...

"if Tony Blair is invited to speak at a benefit concert for Amnesty International, does that make the event a New Labour political rally?"

If those who ran Amnesty International were also prominent Labour Party members, and they invited Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Reid to speak, but no one from the Tories or LibDems, then yes, it would be party political.

4:48 PM  
Blogger your said...

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1:28 PM  
Anonymous greenandproud said...

Sinn Fein stage rallies all the the time, isn't that right? so if this was a SF rally why wouldnt they simply have claimed it as such? why go through the pretence? what was the gain?

7:38 PM  
Blogger El Matador said...


Because a) they wouldn't have been allowed to use Casement (they shouldn't have been allowed anyway), b) they would have been accused of hijacking the cause, considering they had no direct link with in an official sense and actually opposed the use of hunger strike as a method of protest, and c) because they can make political gain through (perhaps not so)subtle organisation of such events even if they don't stick their name on it, but by still having it adhere to their agenda and onlt having provisional speakers, thus avoiding accusions of trying to capitalise on the deaths of the strikers (although a simple glance at the SF shop will look at the sickening efforts by SF to make money from the hunger stikes).

11:15 PM  
Anonymous greenandproud said...

A) if everyone regards it as a SF rally anyway, inlcuding the detractors and Central Council of the GAA they would have used Casement anyway - no gain.

B) You, and all like you, accuse them anyhow of hi-jacking the cause. btw - you are a bit late with that one, the hunger strikers and their sacrifice resulted directly in SF MPs and TDs - there was gain, but it was 25 years ago

C) can you seriously argue that republicanism is not already a mass movement? look at the votes and the associated culture - we live our lives to further our cause. SF is only part of the movement.

your comment about the SF shop belies your motivation and bias.

10:14 AM  
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